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[Hilo Oficial] Roadmap

3.19 va de puta madre. Después del doloroso transito de los 3.18s el Alpha vuelve a ser jugable.
¡Empiezan a informar del contenido para el futuro parche 3.20! ¡Qué emocionante!


En Reddit, la pregunta "Qué es el 'Retrieve Consignment' ha dado pie a una conversación con la que me he reído y que transcribo aquí para la posteridad:

Terkan: What is Retrieve Consignment?

impulse1337: "A new mission type where players are tasked with locating critical items in consignment lists, then safely extract them."

just_a_bit_gay_: “Go to <place> and pick up boxes”

Fearinlight: no no, critical item, not a box. This is very different

NotSoSmort: They had a sneak peak screenshot of the critical item and talked about it in a is a size 1 component prototype by Crusader Industries. It will fit perfectly in a 1 SCU box and then it will be a box delivery mission.

Fearinlight: Yes but that means we are delivering a critical item inside a box, that’s a whole nother level of complexity not seen yet in SC. I don’t think you are giving enough credit to this double depth critical item mission.

hectorman25: I never tought such level of complexity would be possible on a game, they are really pushing the boundaries of what its possible, i mean.. a critical item.. inside a box! this 10 years and counting of waiting are definitely worth it!

GlbdS: Wait til you interact with the bartender!
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La conversación esta muy conseguida.

Una vez más se demuestra que no es imprescindible ser valenciano para ser socarrón. 🤟
En la actualización que han colgado hoy de la hoja de ruta mencionan nuevo contenido relacionado con el "Arena Commander" que añaden para el parche 3.20:

The following cards have been added to the Alpha 3.20 column on Release View:

Arena Commander: Frontend Update​

Replacement of the current Electronic Access Frontend. This makes switching modes, vehicles, loadouts, as well as creating lobbies, a more fluid experience, as well as giving developers the tools to adjust features and create new ones more easily.

Arena Commander: New Racetracks​

Test your racing prowess in Euterpe Icebreaker, Miners Lament, The Snake Pit and Yadar Valley as some of the first persistent universe locations enter Arena Commander, alongside Halloran Circuit, a brand new racetrack on the New Horizon Speedway.

Arena Commander: New Horizon Speedway Rework​

One of Star Citizen’s oldest locations gets its long-awaited update. The three Murray Cup Racetracks hosted in the New Horizon Speedway have had their tracks improved and location moved to the holiday resort planet, Green, the 3rd planet of the Ellis System.

Arena Commander: New Dogfighting Map - Jericho Station​

Stanton's INS Jericho debuts as the newest location for all dogfighting game modes in Arena Commander. This true zero-g open space environment has players face off with few distractions and high performance in the lightest of all our maps.

Arena Commander: New Elimination Map - Echo11​

The FPS map Echo11, previously exclusive to the game mode Control, has a new variant tailored for Elimination.

Arena Commander: New Map - Security Post Kareah​

One of the new additions to Arena Commander from the Persistent Universe, Security Post Kareah will host all Arena Commander game modes, both FPS and Dogfighting (except for Classic Race).

Arena Commander: New Dogfighting Map - Winner's Circle​

Alongside the reworked New Horizon Speedway Maps comes a long-requested atmospheric map for dogfighting modes. Battle in the earth-like atmosphere above the beautiful planet Green, the 3rd planet of the Ellis System.

Arena Commander: Experimental Game Modes​

These limited-time game modes range from simple twists on current modes to entirely new modes. This initiative will not only allow rapid iteration of game modes to be put in players' hands faster, but also allow all teams to gather vital analytic data for specific activities, equipment, vehicles, and in-development features.
Es lo que hace unos meses dijeron que estaban haciendo: un lavado de cara, mejora del lobby, y repaso a los mapas.

Lo que no esperaba es la adición de nuevos modos de juego y más mapas.

Salu2 :)